Modification of a holotes with change of a part, basic or not: by addition, deduction, removal, replacement, division (e.g. holotes ‘read’: bread (addition of b), red (deduction/removal of a), lead (replacement of r by l), r-e-a-d (division of the word to its parts/letters and their sounds).


Differentiation of the entity of the holotes is the result of a change of a part or parts (a partially or totally different entity is generated).


Deduction especially of parts of form creates reduction, decrease, diminishing, in quantity/number, or quality etc (strength, health, value, esteem, disinflation, etc).


Removal, when the part is not basic, can bring out, improvement, therapy wellness, or, when the part is basic, deprivation, deterioration, decomposition, disintegration, decay, dysfunction, a disease, etc (examples: appendectomy, vomiting, hypothyroidism, stress, anxiety neurosis, frustration, exit of a member country from a union, divorce, poverty, recession, depression,  deflation, etc).


Addition can create a disease, such as hyperthyroidism, obesity, sneeze, or other situations such as enlargement, surplus, extravagance, inflation, eudaemonia (wastefulness, prodigality, lavishness, profusion, squanter),  etc.


Replacement (substitution) can bring about reaction, metamorphism, negation, refusal, denial, rejection// cancer etc.


Division creates multiplicity that can be born by the holotes, or not by reaction or disease (cell division, mitosis, meiosis, enlargement, obesity, etc, cancer).


In metamorphosis and metabolism a lot or all can co-exist.

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