Aristolaos  2012, Posted 2015

Holotes, eidos, form/morphe, essence/substance, in a way is not divided/divisible, like magnitude (which is divisible), because in its division (partition, section, cutting, fragmentation, segnentation, dismemberment) each part (piece, cut, bit, section, segment, fragment, shred), equal, similar or not, will be composed of different parts (of form/ morphe, bases, hypo-holoteses) (mainly sensible, tangible).

In another way, it is divided (divisible) incessantly as to its final cause (goal, end, destination, finish// aim, intention, intent, objective, purpose, target, terminus // mental object, score, terminal), “hou eneka”, in parts (cuts, pieces), equal, similar or not. Because each division οf it has the same final goal (objective) (see DNA) (e.g. regiment of infantry, or platoon, or private/soldier, or entrenchment, or pillbox, etc, all them having the same goal (destination), i.e. the guarding of the borders etc).

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