Aristolaos  2011, Posted 2014


1.MAGNITUDE: Property  of homoeomeric, homogen(e)ous, uniform, infinitively divisible entity into equal or not divisible parts/portions, measurable by units of measurements (measurable, uncountable nouns)

Relevant terms: a lot, much, a large amount/a little (of), large, big/small, little all/some, 1, 2, 3 portions, (kilograms/kilos, grades/degrees etc).


Property of an entity having two dimensions (height and length=area) plane, or three dimensions (length, width and height = volume) solid.


2. MULTITUDE: Property of similaralikeuniformdefinite and indivisible entities, countable by natural numbers (groupspluralityplural number) (numerable, countable nouns).

Relevant termsa lot, many, a large number/a fewlarge, big/small, little all/some, 1, 2, 3 of them


NB“Multitude” refers to plurality by itself, while “Magnitude” requires quantification  (quantifiers) by weights and measures.


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